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The modern farmhouse aesthetic is one of today’s popular design choices. But what is it, exactly? And if you choose this look for your home, how can you make sure your windows go with the overall modern farmhouse design?

The modern farmhouse style is equal parts elegance and everyday utility. Walk into a modern farmhouse and you’ll experience an effortless “lived-in” vibe with contemporary features and striking materials all around you. So, how do you achieve a modern farmhouse look for your own home, and when it comes to the windows that fill that space with light, which types of windows complete the modern farmhouse aesthetic? This article will explore these questions and more.

Marvin Modern Farmhouse Kitchen
Photo Credit: Jess Isaac and Amber Interiors Design 
Marvin Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

What is the modern farmhouse style?

Harkening back to an era when life was less complicated, modern farmhouse style is, at its core, pure and simple. It uses natural elements in its design, common areas in its architecture, and above all, blends the outside with the inside thanks to its generous use of windows. Vertical elements like standing seam roofs and cedar siding evoke vintage barn structures while the use of contemporary materials elevates the overall look.

Modern farmhouses can have white, natural wood or chalky stone exteriors. They can be one structure, or several small and detached ones linked by breezeways or long sun-filled hallways. A key tenet is to present the architecture as asymmetrical, making the home appear to be comprised of various pieces. The center of the home is often a great open room, anchored by an unadorned hearth that acts to connect the kitchen to the living space.

This popular style can utilize steel, metal materials, and live edge woods as in its new iteration known as the industrial farmhouse. Or it can be a purely white modern farmhouse with neutral colors and rustic woods. Trim is typically minimal or non-existent, and windows are typically unadorned in both styles. It is through these clean sight lines and uncomplicated shapes that today’s farmhouses are defined.

What should I choose for modern farmhouse windows?

According to Marco Vincent, Lead Architecture Consultant in the Marvin Design Lab, black interior double hung windows without simulated divided lites, or grids, are the most complementary selections for the farmhouse design. “Double hung windows can absolutely feel modern – counter to common opinions,” he said. Additionally, windows can be white or a light natural wood clad style to allow the warmth of a wood interior with a low maintenance exterior.

Casement style windows are also common and offer a pleasing view to the outside with the benefits of a larger opening that provides cross ventilation. But whatever style or color is chosen, it is important to adhere to symmetry. If grids are selected, beveled or ogee edges are discouraged. “Grids should be in a square profile with a clean cut,” Vincent said.

Marvin Modern Farmhouse Bedroom
Right Photo Credit: Jess Isaac and Amber Interiors Design 

What design elements should I use for the farmhouse style?

Rustic, natural, warm, and uncomplicated describe today’s successful modern and industrial farmhouse style. Although both are born of the same concept, the modern farmhouse is “a little cleaner looking with whites and exposed woods,” Vincent said. Industrial farmhouses raise the bar and harken back to the Industrial Revolution with a “glass and steel vibe,” he added.

Currently, black windows and hardware are the most popular choice for builders and homeowners, but gunmetal finishes are on the rise. “It’s a Batman color,” said Vincent. And wood flooring is often used but it needs to look as if it has been there a long time to give it a settled-in appearance.

Natural tones like ivory and cream are preferred for farmhouse décor. To bring interest to the interior, designers will often add texture. The subtle use of boucle, faux fur, and sisal rugs add interest to this soft palette. If color is added, it is in the Scandinavian hues of sky blue and greyish green.

Marvin Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Is the farmhouse style a trend…or here to stay?

“Modern farmhouse design embodies what the next chapter of design is already looking like,” said Vincent, hinting at its longevity. “It is a fusion of ideas and really, for the lack of a better word, Feng Shui. It combines all kinds of elements instead of being chained to a prescriptive style.” Simply put – it is the blending of the very best of traditional and modern.

This article originally appeared on the Inspired by Marvin blog.

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