New Entry Doors Increase Home Value and Curb Appeal

Curb appeal. Regardless of whether you see a house in person or through a photo online, there can be no doubt that a home’s first impression is always the most important one. Andrea Holmes, an industry expert of 17 years and national account manager with Therma Tru Doors, knows this all too well as she explains some of the reasons that Therma Tru doors routinely add a significant value to a home through both aesthetics as well as efficiency.

It should come as no surprise that a door would have an appreciable impact on the perceived value of a home. When someone drives by on the street or walks up to the front porch, the door is one of the first things they see. Even in our current situation where in-person visits aren’t always feasible, one of the first photos on a listing is the front facade of the home. To see just how much a difference this first impression can make on the perceived value of a home, Therma Tru conducted research with the goal of quantifying a monetary value.

“Therma-Tru completed a proprietary study in 2017 and the response… The research showed that a new Therma-Tru door can increase the home’s perceived value by about 4.2% so on average, that is $18,750. When it comes to curb appeal that front door is such an important part and clearly you’re not likely to have the cost be around that $18,000 range, so you’re getting a great return on making a replacement in that area.”

However, curb appeal isn’t the only way that Therma Tru doors create value. As Andrea explains, proper installation is incredibly important as well. Whether outside temperatures are hot or cold, an incorrectly installed door can be a big inconvenience for occupants and can actually hit pretty hard in the wallet as well since climate controls need to work that much harder to counteract the effect of a “drafty” door. To that end, Therma Tru created a certified installer program which trains installers to make sure that every door is installed correctly every time. This helps to maximize customer return on their investment, of course, and also serves as a valuable promotional point for installers to put on their list of certifications.

But bringing value through aesthetics and function aren’t the only considerations Therma Tru has to focus on. Just like every business in almost every industry, current circumstances have forced a certain measure of adaptation. With so many people spending much more time in their homes, it’s only natural that residents would begin to survey their domains and imagine how they might improve their dwellings. Whether that means digging into some DIY projects that have been on the back burner for a while or looking to have some professional work done, there has been a surge in demand as people decide that there’s no time like the present to spruce up the old homestead.

“… we have definitely seen strong demands and actually stronger than pre-COVID, you know I think with people being at home more, there’s definitely been more DIY projects, and then a growing number of do-it-for-me projects as well. Some of the research that we’ve seen has said that people pulled forward projects, maybe that they were planning for a year or two from now, maybe they had been saving for that, but because they did have some money in savings, also had the time and the ability to do it…”

Especially with restrictions making it more difficult to shop in-person, a greater emphasis has been placed on reliable and user friendly technology to fill the gap that face-to-face interaction used to occupy. Things like digital catalogues and virtual consultations were always invaluable sales tools but have started to play a much bigger role in streamlining processes with minimal physical contact. By leaning into their technology, Therma Tru is able to provide a comprehensive, virtual experience that encourages interaction and presents loads of information with only basic contact info required. And that only accounts for the customer facing aspect of the business.

In order to pivot and manage the new demand created by stay-at-home orders and distancing mandates, the Therma Tru team has been hard at work adjusting production lines to accommodate the growing popularity of some products. Even going so far as to hybridize one steel only line to begin manufacturing fiberglass doors as well. Which is just one example of the way Therma Tru is looking ahead and reacting to an ever shifting market.

“I can’t give enough credit to our team, they are diligent everyday, looking for the ability to maximize capacity and balance that with the demand that we have, they’re looking at all options that are available…”

There’s no way to fully anticipate what tomorrow might have in store, but when times demand change, it pays to be flexible.

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